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Adoption message

To all of you having you apply

A good friend brings it up to the good organization.
We suggested a product and the service that the customer demanded, and we got the results and trust by offering the form that matched the needs of the customer. The results and the trust that I cultivated are gifts (gift) of the power of each staff that is important.
In addition, it is easy to work by backing up the staff totally and pours power into the skill making of environment that I can improve. Each staff can play an active part, and it is essential to the development of the organization to be able to fully show power.
In the environment that can play an active part for a long time in peace, worthwhile duties are waiting. I want you to become our friend by all means. 
Representative director marikusarimu

Person image to find

●Person with "the aggressiveness" that I think by oneself and can carry out

Japan of these days has various problems including reduction of the economy and the drop of the international competitiveness. I demand a person with the aggressiveness that not only I accomplish given work, but also think by oneself and can carry out.

●The person who can accomplish duties with "flexibility"

A person and a person work together, and the society cooperates, and they stand. I demand the flexible person who can work in deference to the opinion of the person who varied in the interpretation for sense of values and directionality, a fact and things by acceptance, a team.

●Person with "the extroversion" with the global viewpoint

I turn a viewpoint outside and can catch new information and demand a person with the extroversion with the global viewpoint to find possibility of the new market and business.
Shine automatic trading
Izumimachi, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima
Shimokawa character Hatanaka 156-1
TEL. 0120-50-8460
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