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Company profile

Representative greetings

A valuable product to the world.
Our company is a company exporting Japanese used car and construction machines.
"A valuable product, thank you, by the stocking and the original distribution system that selected carefully in o basics idea to the world.", extended a reach since company establishment of 2002 smoothly.
In 2012, I start the made-to-order production of cars in China. Thereafter I had many customers support it and grew up in one of our main business.
All the employees will be devoted in future to become the company which continues meeting the needs of the world customer with the goal of establishing a car production factory abroad.
Representative director marikusarimu

Company profile

Company nameShine automatic trading
The location〒971-8183 Izumimachishimogawa, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima character Hatanaka 156-1
Phone number0246-56-0695
FAX number0246-56-0736
RepresentativeRepresentative director marikusarimu
The establishment date
March 14, 2002
70 million yen
The number of employees
Ten people
Duties contents
・Used car, purchase business of the construction machine
・Used car, the export of construction machines sale
・Order vehicle production business
・Check, maintenance of the overall vehicle
・Rentals business such as trucks
Export area
South America, Africa, Southeast Asia

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TEL. 0120-50-8460
I look forward to the inquiry over the telephone
Shine automatic trading
Izumimachi, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima
Shimokawa character Hatanaka 156-1
TEL. 0120-50-8460
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